Unmarried Mother’s Child Custody Rights

An unmarried mother has the same and equal child custody rights as a divorced mother. Well, an unmarried mother must be aware that their are several legal avenues which they can pursue to protect custody rights of their child. Some of the custody rights of an unmarried mother is explained below:

An unmarried mother has the right to get the child’s father support in raising the child. In this case the father is equally responsible in supporting the child as much as the mother, even if he was never married to the child’s mother.

Now in the very first place, you need to sign it from the father to establish a paternity of the child. If a father who has acknowledged paternity, is not financially helping the mother in raising the child, then the mother can file for child support in the court and thus the case can be taken forward.

In case if a father do not sign the form and haven’t acknowledged the paternity, then the unmarried mother can claim a paternity.In this case a simple DNA test of the father will take place, which will proof the paternity.

When it comes to a child custody rights, an unmarried mother has several of them. You must not give up those and instead try to fight back and get all your rights. Even if you were not married, the other person is very much accountable. So, you must not let the father escape from his responsibilities easily.

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