How to Discuss Child Custody Visitation During Divorce?

A divorce procedure can bring out many emotions, which can be sometime tough to handle. So, you must keep a check in your emotions, especially when you are taking decisions for your children. This will help the procedure to be more smooth and easy and also the best for your children.

Tips to discuss child visitation during a divorce

  • When you are going through divorce, your first priority should be your children’s welfare and well-being. Your child’s future needs and requirements must be discussed by you and your partner together while going through the divorce. One of the most important thing that you both need to discuss is the child visitation, and come up with fair decision and schedule for both the parties.
  • Without being emotional, discuss and agree about visitation and other things involving your children. Be practical and use your logic, like what is your work time and how to plan it, so that both of you can see your children when they are off.
  • Keep it balanced between you and your ex. Each of you need to spend equal and enough time with your children to maintain a healthy and good relationship. Discuss the holidays and vacations , each one of you will have your children for. Make fare decisions like half of summer vacations, alternate Christmas etc.
  • Discuss who will be responsible for your children’s transport. Who will pick up and drop them from school? Also discuss an accessible place to drop and pick the children.

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