Parent teacher conference – crying after parent teacher conference, bad news at parent teacher conference

Parent teacher conference is not always for discussing your child’s misbehaviour in the school, there can be a lot of reasons for parents being called to the school. Usually in a year there may be once or twice a scheduled parent teacher meetings for discussing your child’s academics and overall progress. This way you and teachers mutually can make your child’s schooling experience a pleasant one.

Many times parents get nervous to go and attend this kind of meetings in their child’s school, as they feel they will be judged and evaluated as parents. Sometime they also feel that they might ask some stupid questions and get embarrassed etc.Well, if you too have this type of feelings then boost yourself with self confidence and positive attitude towards these meetings. Remember that you are in an equal partnership with teachers and school professionals. You are an expert when it comes to your family and child, so you must share information about your child with the teachers to make your child’s classroom experience a positive one. On The other hand your child’s teachers will share information about your child and give advice on your child’s future.

Usually it’s for a short time and you may want to ask a lot of questions to the teacher. In that case you must list down questions according to their importance. If one of the parent can only attend, then you both sit down and discuss what all to discuss with the teacher about the child’s performance and academics. You must also ask your child if he or she want you to discuss something with the teacher.

Try to be at time for the meeting. If you want more time for discussing, then try to go at the last. After the meeting, you must have a discussion with your child about all that you have discussed with the teacher. Last but not the least, do not forget to send a note of thanks to the teacher.

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