Step parent adoption – step parents parental rights, step parent of teenager, step parent abuse

After a single parent remarry, the situation of step parent adoption emerges. Especially if there is a no connection of the biological father. So, if you are one of the person, who is going through this situation , then let me give you some tips to deal with this situation.

Step parent adoption is not always possible and also not for everyone. But it’s definitely an option for many families to make the family situation a better one.

Step parent adoption procedure

Usually step parent adoption is a simple procedure. All you need to go for criminal background verifications and also go for a fingerprinted. A home study is also conducted, where usually a social worker visits to your house and have a talk with you and based on that makes a report, which has to be completed. While doing this you need to bear some filling fees and court costs. You may also opt to do this procedure all by your own, but it becomes more simpler if you take help of an attorney.

Step parent rights

Usually a step parent has very few rights over their step child. A step parent is not considered as a legal parent, so they do not have all those rights what a legal parent has. Example, if you area step parent and one to pick your child from school, then you need to have a permission or a written authority from your spouse.

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