How to Parent a Child With ODD?

We observe in children that they are not very keen on accepting the orders we give them. Children are sometimes very disobedient, all children are oppositional from time to time. But in some cases this nature of the child is very chronic and is observed more frequently. The nature of the child not obeying the rules may point out at Oppositional Defiant Disorder(ODD). Children with ODD are very belligerent in nature and are also highly unstable. They are always carrying inquisitiveness in every step of theirs.

The child with ODD loves to poke and prod into other privacy and often becomes a nuisance to all the neighbors. On the contrary, these children do fairly well in their schooling and are not much of a hindrance to the school management. When they come back home they feel more safe and more loved which makes them get back to the normal self. Many parents think this is a very good sign as the child is performing well and has no problem with the school or vice verse. This actually delays the identification of the disorder in the child.

Dealing with a ODD child is arduous task. The parents have to be patient and understanding to these kind of behavior from their child. To curb such behavior in the child, the following ways are to be adopted-

  • Positive should be the theme. Always be happy and positive about whatever the child does. Praise him whenever he show flexibility and understanding nature towards your rules. This will encourage him in doing it more.
  • Take a break if any argument is going to worsen if not go better. This will help the child to calm down and prepare himself to come back in a positive frame of mind.
  • When you are planning to ground your child, prioritize what you want your child to do. When you say time out for your child don’t include the time of argument. Tell your child your time starts from the time you go to your room.
  • Maintain interests in things which are related to your child other than ODD. Seek help from other adults who are working along with your child i.e., teacher, aunt, coaches etc.

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