The Child of a Narcissistic Parent

Narcissism is an extreme level of selfishness and egoistic nature. A narcissistic parent always keeps himself or herself first and neglects the well being of the child. This will emotionally and psychologically affect the child and in fact proven to be very dangerous for the character building of the child. Many a time the children of narcissistic parents are naturally strong with will. Psychiatric professionals are always appreciating the natures marvel as of how it perfectly matches the two generations. Even then there are children who are not so strong with their emotions and often find the love and care from other family members such as the grandparents, aunts and uncles.

In case the mother is narcissistic then the child is going to go through major problems in his childhood. This is because, kids have a natural inclination towards their mother, and no matter how close they are to their father, they always look out for mother for solace. It is that kind of influence the mother has on the child. So if the mother is not caring about their child, the father doesn’t has the capability of handling the kid in a soft manner and hence the child will be living in a conflict.

Affect On Child With Narcissistic Parents:

With narcissistic parents, the child may not perform as well as their parents did in school. They start under performing and also they become negative. The child begins to blame himself for not doing anything right. When his own parents are not appreciating his work, the child starts to believe that he is useless and develops low self esteem. He will have problems in coping up with school work as at home their parents will be boosting about their own success and bring a sense of shame in the child behavior. This sometimes leads to self injury of the child, because of constant negligence shown from the parents, and not able to cope up to their expectations will become to much of a burden to bare for the child. To vent this frustration, the child will lead to self injury.

It becomes our responsibility to do our part in helping these kids and praise them for what ever they are. Report to the authorities if you observe any kind of violence shown to the child in any way.

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