Parent And Child Contract

With the growing awareness and intelligence of the generation X, parents are finding it difficult to control their children and put them in the right path. At the same time due to the age difference and the communication gap between parent and child, the children of the present generation are becoming very independent and flamboyant. These factors are building a gap between both of them. To bridge this gap, the parent/child contract is being introduced.

Anna Leung has been using these contract with her son since he was in middle school. This helped her in improving communication. She claims that ever since she used this contracts she had more transparency in her relation with her son. Having an in detail discussion about the needs and wants of both her son and her have made it very clear about their priorities. This has bought a huge behavior improvement in her son and also helped him improve his grades.

Making Up A Contract:

To make a parent/child contract, both the parent and child should sit down and discuss in an open manner, regarding there needs and wants. There are few aspects which will help you get the optimal contract for both the parties.

  • Parent and child have to identify what they want, and their respective goals. Both the parties have to respect each others ideas and philosophy behind it. Let it be a meeting of fair discussion rather than an argument.
  • Write what you expect your child to do and put down every single detail of what are your expectations from him. It can be the most minor of things like, keeping the room clean, arranging clothes, etc.
  • Even ask your child to write down everything what he wants from you. Every detail like an extra hour for watching TV, his choice of sports, etc.
  • Once the rough draft is completed, both of you abide by the rules you set for each other and follow it for a week. This is the time both the parties can observe if they can abide by the conditions and negotiate if its not possible.
  • At the completion of the trial period, both parent and child should sign the contract and date it.

It is always advisable to consider your child’s opinions so that there are no contradictions in the later stages of the contract following.

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