How To Parent A Pregnant Teen?

Parents worst fear is to come home from work one day and find out that their teenage girls is pregnant. This would call the curtains to come down on you. As a parent you think of lot more thinks other than saving your little girl from the insult. What is needed for the girl is something you tend to over look in this kind of context.

As a parent you should be the closest friend of your child, especially when she is in her teens. This is will help her to build trust in you and will encourage her in confronting you more openly. When such incidents happen, your main concentration should be on the welfare of the child and help her come out of the trauma.

How to comfort her in this situation?-

As a responsible parent you should try to understand the circumstances in which this incident has occurred. Try to find out the root cause of this. Ask your child to tell if the father is a long term boy friend? Whether the birth control usage has failed? These will give her a cushioning and help her to open up. Don’t put the blame on here straight away, instead take control of the situation and assure her that whatever happens you are always going to love her.

Talk to your child about the possibilities of having an abortion, or giving the baby for adoption or if she is confident enough keeping the baby and raising her. Determine the if’s and but’s in every context and make it easier for your girl to understand the situation in a more practical sense. Both you and your girl should come to a sensible decision rather than an emotional decision. This is very crucial for both of you. Once you have taken your decision, don’t show your disappointment anymore, or disregard her for her actions. Venting out your frustration is a very important aspect for you, or this emotion may come out as anger on your child. The best thing is to talk to your close friends regularly or meet a counselor. This will help you release your frustration.

When parents are supportive then its always a good sign for the family. They go through the most difficult times as a unit, only every event brings them closer.

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