Parents Reading With Child

Reading to your child has been scientifically proven fact that it helps your child in developing natural reading habits. It is the best way of preparing your child for the future purposes. By reading along with your child it helps you in bonding with your child and improve communication from an early age. Reading is one of the important source of gaining knowledge and hence has to be given lot of importance since an early age. By doing this practice daily, the child will be smart enough to grasp anything which is read or written to him.

There are five very essential rules which have to be followed by the parent so as to make the reading habit effective on the child in a positive way.

Rule 1:

Making the phonic sounds evident. Distinguish the sound made by every word by breaking it into small pieces. Your child has to know exactly how the words are pronounced, and should be able to grasp the phonic sound. This is known as Phonemic Awareness.

Rule 2:

Try to relate the characters with theatrical actions so that the child knows how to relate the words to characters and also help him become innovative. This is very essential for the child to develop some creative thinking.

Rule 3:

Developing the reading ability of the child. The child should be able to read quickly and efficiently. This is developing reading fluency for the child. Children should be able to read the words accurately and correctly while understanding them. Read aloud for your child so that it will become easier to recognize the words automatically.

Rule 4:

Vocabulary is another aspect which is important in learning and understanding a language. Understanding the meaning and pronunciation of the words are all a part of building up a very good vocabulary. They should have a good knowledge of how to use the words.

Rule 5:

While reading out for your child, you should also explain the strategies of how to comprehend the story and the words that are put together. They have to be taught the steps to understand the text and build their own idea regarding it. Children who can comprehend the exact meaning of the text become active readers and become good readers in the future.

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