Parents Of Suicide Child

When a child suicides, the whole family is effected by the sudden grief which has to be dealt. The family in itself feels very guilty for the death of their child. Family, friends, the child’s team mates, neighbors and sometime people who have only acquaintance of the teen feel the grief. So it is very scary and hard to imagine the kind of grief and more importantly guilt the parents are experiencing.

It is always very difficult to predict what the parent is going through. Many parents start asking themselves what went wrong? They start blaming themselves for not able to read their child’s mind and see themselves as a failure as parents. This will develop a massive low self esteem in their own lives. Parents tend to deny the whole instance and try to avoid facing the fact that their child is no more. This very attitude of not facing the fact can be a major problem. Venting out the agony is very necessary, because there is no other way to move on in life. The kind of agony and grief the parents go through can never be comforted by a supportive talk or by any close friend. It cannot be compared with any other scales of depression.

Coping Up With Child Loss-

Many questions arise in the context as such. Close associates of the parents of the child, ask how will they cope up from this loss? Who will take care of them now? All these questions do not have a definite answer. The only means of recovery can be expected with the passing of time. The parents grief will become lighter one day at a time. As every day passes they start accepting the truth. Parents who cope from child suicide need a supporting pillar on which they can lean on and share their grief. The initial stages of the raw pain they go through has to be shared by people who love, and will listen to them. They need to be given assurance that they are not alone. They need support from friends and family who will ”be there”.

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