Types of Parenting Styles

Psychologists have done extensive research studying and defining the different styles of parenting. They have subdivided and categorized varied styles of parenting into four basic parenting styles:

  • Authoritarian Type

Parents who are authoritarian are demanding but not responsive. Authoritarian parents are characterized by putting high expectations and extreme pressure on their child to perform well and adhere strictly to parental rules without consideration of the child’s issues or offering explanation or establishing foundations for the rules in place. This type of parenting can cause children to develop a rebellious attitude or have difficulty in social circumstances because they are not familiar with making their own choices but rather being told what to do.

  • Permissive Type

Permissive parenting is characterized by excessive parental response but very little demand. Parents who are permissive are generally very nurturing and responsive to their child’s needs however they are reluctant to make demands from their child. Oftentimes they do not adhere to a strict decision and may succumb to the stubbornness of the child. Permissive parenting may lead to difficult for the child to control their behavior or accept defeat if they are frequently used to getting their own way.

  • Neglectful Parenting Type

The extreme version of permissive parenting is referred to as neglectful parenting. This type of parents may provide shelter and food but they are emotionally unavailable for their child. Neglectful parents are often dismissive or detached from their child, failing to fulfill his need to feel loved and develop a sense of self-worth. Children who are raised by neglectful parents may develop feelings of worthlessness and have a negative self-image.

  • Authoritative Type

Authoritative parenting is the most balanced of the parenting styles and is categorized by parents who make demands and are responsive to their child equally. These types of parents set realistic standards for their children, maintain consistent punishments that are not cruel or excessive and make an effort to explain things to their child as well as listen to what their child has to say. This type of parenting puts emphasis on parent-child communication and is generally viewed as the most successful as it promotes an overall healthy development for a child.

A parent may not fit the exact criteria of the defined type or share characteristic of more than one type but most parents generally can determine which category their parenting technique falls into based on which parenting type characteristics they reflect the most of.

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