How to Handle a Controlling Parent

All kids at one time or another will eventually feel controlled by their parents; however there are some instances in which the parents are far too domineering. Most overly controlling parents genuinely love their children but are unable to relinquish control of every aspect of their child’s life, often due to their own insecurities. If you are able to recognize your own parent as an overly controlling person, it will help you cope better in a difficult situation.

Coping With Controlling Parents:

  • Identify the fear factor in you.

There is always a fear that your parents will dislike you or stop loving you if you refuse to obey them. It can be difficult to feel as though you have disappointed them but your parents will eventually realize that you are an individual and they cannot expect you to think or act exactly as they want at all times.

  • Stand up for your identity.

Resist the pressure to “fall in line” and stay committed to your own beliefs. You should make every effort to show respect to your parents and comply with their wishes however it’s very important to voice your own opinions, needs and individuality. This will show your parents that you are mature enough to follow rules but may not necessarily agree with them.

  • Don’t fight it.

Being defiant or disrespectful is simply going to reinforce the parent’s controlling behavior. Learn to recognize the signs and circumstances when your parent will exert excessive authority over you and be polite, respectful and compassionate. Remember that the problems and situations are almost always about the parent’s need for power and very rarely has anything to do with you personally.

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