Parenting Styles Authoritarian

Authoritarian is one of the style of parenting. It demands a lot of obedience and discipline from the children. Parents often are strict towards their children and they always want their children to listen to them. It does not mean that they don’t love their children. They do, but they do not express it. Parents having aggressive children tend to follow this type of parenting style.

Parents who follow authoritarian style always want their children to grow as good people. They want their children to love them for the sacrifices they have made for them. Authoritarian parenting style also believes in giving punishment. It is a style which believes in giving orders. It is often termed as Military Type of Parenting Style.

Signs And Symptoms Of Parenting Styles Authoritarian:-

  • Very much demanding but do not response.
  • Always want their child to be obedient but do not believe in give and take.
  • They have a lot of control over psychological growth of their child.
  • Parents following this style are very harsh and rude. The punishment given to the child can lead to physical and emotional abuse.
  • They demand their child to listen to their instructions and rules carefully without asking any questions.

Development Of The Child:-

Children raised from Authoritarian Parenting Style are very poor in self esteem and self confidence. They are good at obeying rules but they are not able to express themselves. They do not interact socially and they tend to become submissive.

Authoritarian Parenting Style stops the intellectual growth of the child. This type of parenting style is not at all good for the child.

Effects Of Parenting Styles Authoritarian:-

  • When parents punished their child, they feel bad about themselves
  • They feel that their parent’s love is dependent upon their behavior.
  • They always are in deep thought, thinking what to do and what not to do.

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