Hyperactive Toddler

Handling a toddler is the most difficult task to do. They are always on their toes to explore their own new world. It becomes necessary for a parent to make proper use of their energy.

As a parent, it becomes our duty to always keep a check on our child’s hyperactive behavior. We should be very careful in noticing their behavior and not mixing them up with their normal behavior.

Symptoms Of Hyperactivity In Toddler:-

  • The first and fore most symptoms of a hyperactive toddler is intentionally misbehave.
  • They often have eating and sleeping disorder
  • They talk a lot.
  • Hyperactive toddlers run,cry,scream,throw tantrums excessively.
  • They won’t allow their mother to feed them easily.
  • They are unable to participate in group activities.

Causes Of Hyperactivity In Toddlers:-

  • Intake of alcohol or smoke during pregnancy
  • Hyperactivity can also be caused by pollutants like lead
  • It can be arise due to a brain injury in the fetal state
  • Sugary and over processed can lead a toddler into a hyperactive toddler

Treatment Of Hyperactivity In Toddler:-

Hyperactive Toddler disorder is very traumatic for parent as well as for the kids. Sometimes, it can be embarrassing for the parents when they are at social gathering. As a parent, we should analyse the causes and the symptoms of the hyperactive toddler.This disorder does not remain for life time. It gets disappear after a certain age.

Its time to take your toddler to a professional when,you observe poor academic performance or weird nature.Behavioral therapy or medications will be given to your hyperactive toddler to calm down his/her behavior.

However, behavioral therapy will need a lot of patience from the parents of a hyperactive toddler. Parents can also choose herbal remedies,acupuncture or any other medicines. Proper diet chart should be maintained to show good effective results.

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