Authoritative Parenting Style

Authoritative Parenting Style is an ‘enabling’ style which considers both parents and children into account. It believes in give and take relationship. Parents following this style are reliable, dependable and convincing.

They exercise control over their children without being without being controlling. Authoritative parents do set rules and boundaries but are flexible according to the child’s need and demand. They give them freedom and responsibility as their child gets older.

Signs Of Authoritative Parenting Style:-

  • Authoritative parents listen to their child, give them freedom and help them to express themselves.At the same time they maintain a fair expectation from their child in terms of responsibility and conduct.
  • They believe in giving their children firm and clear guidelines. They tend to develop close and loving relationship with their child.
  • An authoritative parent always encourage their child’s creativity, expressions and individuality. They always expect appropriate behavior from their child.
  • A high level of autonomy is built in the child. This is because the parents allow them to express themselves and they support their child.
  • Children of authoritative parenting style are high in self-esteem,control their aggression and are socially responsible.
  • Parents following authoritative parenting style encourages their child for open discussions which make their child to think and take decisions which may or may not affect the other people.
  • Authoritative parents always seek that their child should be self-regulated and cooperative. Their child should be assertive as well as socially responsible.

Development Of The Child:-

Parenting style focuses on the child’s different developmental areas such as academic performance,social competence, behavior problems and psychosocial development.

Authoritative parenting style is the most flexible style and it is suitable for all types of children. Authoritative parent can deal with anxious child as well with easy going child. They know how they should handle their child. When they should be firm and set boundaries and when they should show their love and affection

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