Active Parenting

Active Parenting means proactive approach. In active parenting, parents do not wait for the child to commit mistake but before hand, they make their child to not needed understand the morals and values that will help them to become a better person. This is what an proactive approach means.

Active Parenting involves parents to be responsible,cooperative, energetic and courageous. Parents should teach their child to be courageous. This is the most important quality a person can possess. No matter if a child makes a mistake, it is important to have courage to accept it and realise it.

Active parenting also demands parents to teach their children self- esteem and be responsible. Parents play the role of leaders in their house,it becomes important for everyone in the house to take decisions, be responsible and respect each other’s ideas and views.

For better understanding of the world around us, parents should also teach their child to be cooperative. Being cooperative will help them to understand their family and the needs of the family members. This will help the child to take their own decisions and survive in the society. It will also enable them to be confident in their daily lives.

Regardless of what you are doing, active parenting is very difficult for parents who are working.Active parenting is something what every parent aspires to do. The amount of time that we get to spend with our children is not enough. We should make it a point to make the best use of the time that we get to spend with our children.

Communication Skills For Active Parenting:-

To be a master in active parenting, one should be a master in active listening. Active parenting and active listening go hand in hand. When a parent listens to the child,more than half of the problems are solved.
Below are few ways in which you can master your listening skills :-

  • Whatever work you are doing stop it and listen to your child.
  • Whenever your child is talking look at him/her
  • Listen patiently to whatever your child is saying.
  • Give full attention to whatever your child is saying.
  • It is good to comment on what you have understood or heard.

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