Parenting Practices

Different parenting practices leads children with different upbringings. Child rearing has been associated with different social class. According to Dr Annette Lareau who is a sociologist, there are two types of parenting practices.

First is, Natural growth in which parents have blue collar jobs and they are considered as working class. Second type of parenting practice is concerted cultivation. Parents belonging to this type have white collar jobs and belongs to middle class.

Parenting practices and social status do not really matters but they both go hand in hand. The money and the wealth of the family describes well about the child’s upbringings.

Ways Of Practicing Parenting:-

  • Parents are considered as the leaders. They themselves teach their child the moral values. They do not wait for anyone to show their child what is right or what is wrong. They tend to do it by themselves.
  • They are very clear about their decisions. They support their family and respect their family’s decision. They very well articulate and communicate their ideas and views to their family members.They are responsible and know their duties very well.
  • They respect honesty,forgiveness and openness. They believe in these qualities and expect their children in inculcate these qualities in them too. In simple words, they act as a behavioral model in front of their children.
  • They are very much aware of how to enable their child to communicate, how to raise self -esteem in their child,so that they can have good and powerful relationship with their child.
  • They take a lot of interest in understanding child’s development. They make it a point to sit with their child and understand their child’s feelings and emotions.
  • They act as a friend and discuss with them about their future career and goals.The parents accept their child and think that their child is perfect. They do not demand anything from their child. Instead they support their child in their formal and informal education

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