Parenting Role

Parenting is the most important role that a parent plays in his/her lives. It might be the most difficult and challenging job for some parents.Both mother and father plays different role of a parent.

Earlier the role of the mother was considered as the most important role compared to a father. But nowadays,both the parents play equal role in their day to day lives. At the end of the day, it is role of a parent to see that their child is emotionally and physically secured with them.

Balancing Parenting Roles:-

  • The first step in balancing parenting role is to learn communication skills. Both the parent, should communicate to each other if they have some problems. When your partner is angry,frustrated or disappointed,talk to your partner. It will help you to calm down.
  • Mother should not take any kind of personal stress. As in the initial stages, she need to take care of the child so she should be cool and calm.
  • You should not feel guilty about past mistakes. One should forget about the past mistake and move on in life
  • Father should play equal role like a mother does. He should also spend time with his baby. By doing this he will also feel that, this child is also his responsibility.

Different Parenting Roles:-

  • Parents should act as role models.If they do not want their child to indulge in bad habits such as drugs and alcohol, they should too avoid them.
  • Parents should act as monitor. Parent should be informed about where their child is going and what their child is doing. Overall, parent should be informed about their child’s activity.
  • Parents should act as educator. Parents should be like friends. They should be able to discuss about their child’s career and goals
  • Parents should manage their own feelings. They should be able to handle their frustration,anger and disappointment.

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