Parenting Issues

When the infants becomes the toddlers,the parents face a lot of trouble in handling them. This can even lead to a parenting issue. There are number of ways to handle the toddlers and prevent yourself from parenting issues.

Top 6 Ways Of Handling Parenting Issues:-

Nutrition Basics:-

As you can observe that your baby has started eating solid food and food that you eat on the table, which means that your child is now capable of eating meals three times a day. You can give your child milk. Avoid low fat milk. You can also give him/her fruit juice. Food like meat,chicken peas and fish can also be served.

Picky Eaters:-

You might will observe that your toddler is very picky/choosy about the food. Until and unless your child’s health is properly growing and he/she is active,you don’t have to worry. Your toddler will eat half ¼ of the amount of food that you eat.

Safety Measures:-

As your child is growing, you need to be careful about the things lying in your home especially your mobile. When you are going out, see that your baby sits in the back seat facing backward till she/he is 12 months old.

Potty Training:-

Always try and observe when your child is ready for potty training. Some children learn on their own when they are 18 months old whereas some don’t learn till they are 2years old. Potty training should not be pushed to the child. The training can be given in different ways.


Since the toddler cannot speak properly, tantrum is just one of the way how a toddler expresses his/her likes/dislikes. There are some children who can be easily calm down but there are some who will show their temper tantrums for long. If you feel like your baby will hurt himself/herself,try to pick him/her. Try to distract your baby.

Speech Delays:-

Toddlers basically don’t speak much. So we cannot call it delay in speech. They may be won’t be able to talk as you expect but it is normal. Remember that a toddler between 7 to 15 months can only say ‘Mumma’ and ‘Dada’. When they are about 11 to 22 months old,they speak four to five words. Later on when they are 22 months old,they learn speaking 50 or more words.

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