Parenting Teens

While parenting teens, parents should keep in mind that they will come across a lot of challenges as well as joys. Maintaining positive attitude towards your teen will enable you to build a happy and strong relationship.

Keeping a positive approach towards your teen will always help you to see the ups and downs face by them. Sometimes a negative approach can lead to annoyed teens.

Teenagers undergo through hormonal changes and during this time they feel that no one understand their feelings and emotions. This is a time, when a teen feels confused,angry,frustrated and disappointed while facing issues such as identity,peer pressures,sexuality,drinking and drugs.

At this time, parents will also be upset and disappointed because earlier the child use to listen to them and today no longer the teenager listens to them. As a result, there are chance of conflict between parent and teenager. The different areas which can lead a conflict between parent-teen are as follows:-

  • Choice of teens friends.
  • Spending less time with family compared with friends.
  • Car driving.
  • Clothing and hairstyle.
  • Dating.

The best way is to deal with the teens directly. Give them space. Increase their responsibility and given them independence.

However,there are number of ways of giving warnings but it can turn a teenager into violence and aggressive behavior. This can be dangerous.As a parent we should promote tolerance in our teenager.

Top 6 Ways Of Parenting Teens:-

  • Support your Child.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with your teenager.
  • Help your teenager to understand peers and peer pressure.
  • Be assertive with your child. Help your child to be assertive too.
  • As a parent, you should always encourage your child to be creative and independent. Do not pressurize them.
  • Make sure that you always know where your child is, what your your child is doing. Supervise your child.

For a teenager, we parents are the role models. We need to be very careful with our behaviors. Teenager will always observe how we treat people, how we talk and how we make decisions.

You can also encourage your teenager to spend more time with his/her grandparents. This will help them to develop emotional support within themselves.

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