Top 10 TV Watching Tips

When your child gets ready to watch TV, it becomes necessary for the mother to set ways of watching TV for the child. Following are the top 10 TV watching tips :-

  • Always schedule your child’s TV watching time. A proper balance between your child watching television and other educational activities should be maintained properly.
  • When the TV is used properly it benefits your child’s development and growth.
  • See that your toddler watches programme which are based on high quality or educational programmes. Watching educational programmes will enhance your child’s vocabulary and give a space to your child for his/her imagination.
  • Always watch TV with your child.Watching TV with your child will help you to share learning experiences with your child. By doing this with your child, his/her learning skills increases. You can always discuss with your baby about the programme that they have watched and how they can implement in their daily lives.
  • Make sure that your child watches right programme at the right age. The developmental skills like creativity ,maths,imagination and sensory skills will develop gradually according with the age of the child.
  • You may become surprise to know that a two-year old baby can switch on the TV or insert DVD on his/her own. That is why you should be always be aware of what your child is watching on TV.
  • At the age of three, when your child learns to know the difference between real and imaginary life, point out the differences between what is real and what is imaginary life while watching TV.
  • Make sure that your voice tone is light and fun while you are talking with your child about the programme. Try to show enthusiasm when you speak with your child. Show interest in talking to him /her about the programmes they like watching.
  • Try to observe your child’s reaction when he/she is watching TV. Understand what your child like/dislike watching. If you find that your child’s interest swings, try to get her something new and interesting.
  • When you feel like that your toddler has watched TV enough for the day,switch off the TV. Always maintain proper time and set limits of watching TV.

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