Top 10 Ways To Be A Good Mom

Being a mom is a wonderful experience a woman can cherish forever. Raising a child or children is not an easy task and all the mom/mother would agree to it. However, it is the most happiest moments in a woman’s life to be a a mother.

Following are the top 10 Ways Of How To Be A good Mom:-

  • Express your love and affection to your child by kissing and hugging them. Always tell that your child that how much you love them. This will enable your child to build confidence and self-esteem within themselves. Show your child yours unconditional love.
  • Being a mom,requires a lot of patience. If your child has done something wrong which you don’t like, try not to shout at him/her. Try to be cool and calm.Talk to your child and discuss with him/her the reasons for not doing it again.
  • To be a good mom,it becomes a primary role to be a good listener. No matter how small or big your child’s problem is, listen ti him/her. Build a friendly relationship with your child.
  • Always try to provide your child all the necessary things. Make him realise to value the things which has been provided without asking. In this way, he/she will learn not to waste things.
  • Each and every child is different and unique in their own ways. Accept your child. Encourage and praise your child whenever required.
  • Spend quality time with your child. You can take them to museum,library or theatre. In this way, you will be able to learn more about child likes/dislikes.
  • Do not over protect your child. Give them space. Let them take their own decisions. Support them and guide them. It will help your child to be confident. He/ she will be able to handle their emotions and feelings..
  • If you find that you have done something wrong or you committed some mistake, apologize in front of your child. Don’t run away. Say sorry to your child. This will allow you to build a strong and healthy relationship with your child.
  • Do not give lecture to your child about saving money. Spending too much money is also not good but saying all the time NO to your child is not good at all. Buy him/her things which are useful to them.
  • Children are born innocent. So keep them the ways they are born. Be kind towards them. Treat them with love,care and affection.

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