Top 10 Parenting Myths

Parenting is the greatest responsibility.Parents are responsible to fulfill their child’s need. Fulfilling their needs will result in overall development of the child.Initially,parents will face numerous problems of handling their child but later on they will learn how to be a good parent.

Following are the Top 10 Parenting Myths:-

  • It becomes the primary duty of each and every parent to maintain and succeed in becoming child’s ideal parent.
  • The challenges for today’s parents are culture,society and environment which tremendously affects the child rearing practices.
  • You are God to your child. Your child is your own property.
  • If you really want to see your child’s happiness, focus all your attention towards your child.
  • Quality matters. The quality time which you spend with your children makes a big difference in their happiness.
  • Do not give bribe to your child. Reward can be non-materialistic too. Instead of giving money,you can take them to zoo park, you can buy them a book or you can cook his/her favourite food
  • You must always be careful when your speaking with your spouse. You should not argue in front of your child.
  • Treat each and every child of your equally. They love both mother and father equally, so we should also love them equally,irrespective of who was born before and last.
  • Make sure to be cool and calm in front of your child. Do not loose your temper. No matter how big is the mistake he/she committed is. Sit and discuss with your child instead of shouting and screaming at them
  • Remember they are innocent. Treat them with love and affection. Respect them and their views. Give them space so that they can be innovative. They can decide things on their own. Support them and guide them.

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