How You Change After Becoming A Parent?

Now you are not only a son or a daughter, a friend or a sister but now you are a parent. Life changes after you become a parent. From two members you have become three members in your family.

You will face a lot of changes in your day to day life. Feeling of tiredness and stress will be there. But apart from this you will have lot of new feelings. Similarly your relationship with your spouse too changes. Below are some ways in which you can handle your relationship as well as parenting.

Changes In Relationship With Your Partner:-

  • You will experience less interest in sexual closeness and feelings. Now your attention also deviate from your spouse to your child.
  • You communicate very less with your partner say about 50%
  • Feeling of more stress and tiredness.
  • You will have conflict with your partner.
  • You will experience less energy during sexual contacts.

  • After becoming mother, the weight increases as well as you don’t seem to look attracted as you use to look earlier.
  • Family members,relative and friends will give you a lot of advices about child-rearing. The presence of them may create conflict among everyone in the family.
  • After listening and hearing about parenting, one of the partner will have different approach to handle the baby which can lead misunderstanding in the couple.
  • The best way is to communicate your problems to your partner. This will help you to understand your partner more. This will reduce your stress and tensions.
  • Take out little time to sit with your partner alone. Though the baby has made you busy, but you should take out little time for your partner. This will enable you to build a strong relationship with your partner.

Tips For New Parents:-

  • Be flexible. Don’t demand too much. Try to enjoy your first four months with your baby.
  • Praise your partner for whatever things he/she does for the baby.
  • Respect each others feelings and emotions

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