Top 10 Secrets About Fatherhood

The feeling of being a father is as great as feeling of being a mother. When it comes to look after the baby the new dad is being left out in the dark room. But if you know certain things about fatherhood, you can easily take care of your child.
Following are the top 10 secrets about fatherhood:-

  • Learn how to hold your baby first. You can do this by some elderly people.Don’t be afraid. Just be confident.
  • The only thing that you cannot do is breastfeed your child. Apart from this you can chance your babies diaper,help your partner in household work and support your partner in preparing food.
  • Being a new father, you will also face different things. Not much attention you will get. Try to overcome from this. Accept the fact. The new member has come in your family.
  • Your wife too needs good rest. If you see that child is crying in the middle of the night. Hold your child and try to soothe your baby.
  • Don’t try to behave like a hero. Be like a friend. Be very simple. Talk about your childhood days with your child. Express your feelings and let your child knows that you love him/her. In this way you will be able to build a strong relationship with your child.
  • Do not tell a lie to your child. Try to speak truth in front of your child. Make promises which you will fulfill. Do not make false promises.
  • Try to maintain attitude towards your kid. Be careful. Your child will learn all the things he/she sees in front of them.He/she will imitate the behavior style of yours.
  • Always tell your child that you are proud of him. Encourage your child when he/she has done something good. Praise him/her/.
  • Make sure to keep your anger in control. Don’t try to show bad behavior. Be cool and calm. Discuss with him/her about the mistakes that he/she had committed. Be like a friend.
  • Set rules for your child. Be flexible and firm whenever required. See that your child listens to you and respect you.
  • When ever your child says something to you, listen to him/her. Pay attention to what he/she is trying to say. Show interest in his/her life. Play with your child. Try to be the part of his /she imaginary world.

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