Top 6 Annoying Things About Kids

Kids demand so many things from their parents. To fulfill all those things, we parents do our best to make our child feel happy. But what should we do if our child is really annoying us? In spite of doing each and everything for the child,if he/she screams and yell at us, how should we tackle it?

It is very difficult to deal with such kind of kids.Following are the top 10 annoying things about kids and ways to respond:-

  • The very first annoying thing about the kid is what is there for the dinner? You can respond to it by directly asking your kid that how it feels to answer this question. Talk to your child and explain him/her that there are certain ways of asking question. Tell them that there is a limit of asking things.
  • Often you must be hearing that your child is saying shut up . If you really don’t want to hear this from your child again and again, you first stop saying this. You can also tell your child it is a rule not to use these words. It will stop the frequent use of these words.
  • Many a time children tend to use words that they really don’t mean it. It just comes in their mind and they say it. One of those word is stupid . To deal with similarly you can set rules and this time you can give some punishment if the word is being used.
  • It is very much annoying to hear from a kid that he/she is hungry. You need to tell your child that you are not a food slave. They too can mange to eat food from their own
  • It is a tendency of the kid to ask questions out of curiosity. It can sometimes created serious problem for the parent. You have to be very firm in explaining this to your child. Tell them that they should not ask this awkward type of questions in front of people because people are observing them and they can face some problem.
  • Sometimes you will will find that your kid is still using baby words. They don’t utter a single word which is being taught but they will go on jabbering . This is the utmost annoying language. Ask your child not to continue with the baby talk and explain them how much annoying it is to listen to the baby talk.

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