Moms Inthe Internet Era

As the technology has progressed, children find it necessary to use the internet while doing their schoolwork. It becomes very important for their moms to develop rules and guidelines when their children are using the internet.

Most ten or eleven year old  know how to access the internet. If you have a child with access to the internet, it may be important to set up internet filters to keep them from inappropriate content.

Being a parent it becomes your responsibility to see what your child is doing while on the internet. If you find things such as sexual exploitation of a child, you may directly report to your local law enforcement agency.

12 Tips For Moms to Encourage Safe And Responsible Use of the Internet:

  • Paste clear and simple rules near the monitor.
  • Place your computer in the center of the house so that you can view what your child is doing on the computer.
  • Set a time limit. See that your child does not spend too much time on the internet.
  • Spend time with your child sitting next to him/her while online.
  • Take interest in what your child is doing on the internet.
  • Do not let your child chat with strangers online.
  • Make your child understands not to reply to emails that are offensive or dangerous.
  • Visit your child’s favorite sites.
  • See that your child uses child-friendly search engines while completing his/her homework.
  • Be aware if your child is using somebody else’s computer.
  • Have access to your child’s user names and passwords.
  • Help your child to understand what they should do when they see something that isn’t right.

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