Parent With Love and Logic

Being a parent always makes us think the best ways of raising our children. There have been a lot of different styles and theories to guide us as we parent our children.

Each and every style and theory has a different way of parenting. No matter which style or theory you adopt, the best way of parenting is to be a parent with love and logic.

The teenage years are often the most difficult years of our lives. Parenting a teenager becomes difficult because we parents may forget what it was like to be teenager. Teenagers experience so many challenges, changes and competition from their peers that parents may not understand these pressures.

According to the National Institute for Mental Health, teenage depression is the third leading cause of death for 10- to 24-year-olds.

This staggering statistic may be improved if parents show love and logic towards their child. This will enable a strong and healthy relationship between the child and the parent.  But what does this method entail?

Top 7 Ways of Parenting Teens With Love And Logic:-

  • Communicate with your child. Open communication helps the parent and the child to share a strong relationship where the child feels comfortable coming to her parent with any concerns.
  • Remember those days when you were a teen. Compare you teen days with your child.  It may help her to feel better knowing that you went through a similar situation.
  • Approach to the situation with a cool and calm attitude. Ask questions but remember not to accuse your child of anything until you hear all the facts.
  • Involve you teen in decision making. Listen to her ideas and views, which will help your teen to develop and maintain self-confidence.
  • Tell your teen that you love her very much. Whatever decision you make for them is based on her health and security.
  • Set rules and guidelines for your teens. Be firm and flexible whenever required.
  • Discuss everything with your teen practically. Remember, the technology has progressed so much and your teenager has access to unlimited information via the internet. Talking with her on serious issues such as sex and drugs will help your teen to understand consequences to actions.

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