Step-Parenting Advice


Step parents come across many challenges and problems in their relationships to their step children.

You can choose your spouse but not the children. It requires you to build a relationship of comfort between you and your child. It will take time. Love, respect, trust and understanding your child are few steps from which a strong relationship can be built between you and your child.

It is very natural that you will not be as connected with your step children as you are bonded with your own biological children. But you can always create a caring relationship between you and your step child.

8 Principles for The Effective Step Parent:

  • Always try to get involved with your child. Do not feel detached with your child. Don’t think that you cannot interfere in their lives. It will take time for you both to understand each other’s feelings and emotions.
  • Act like a friend to your step child. This will enable you and your child to be comfortable with each other.
  • Be patient. Let your child feel that you are his/her parent and not someone who got married to their parent.
  • Share your own personal experiences with your child. Play with your child. Learn their likes and dislikes.
  • Try to be cool and calm with your step child. You can do this by adding humor in your discussions and interactions. This way your child will feel close to you.
  • Let your step child share his/her experiences. Involve your step child in family decisions. Let them express their own feelings. Show them the feeling of love and affection. Let them know that you love them very much.
  • Step parenting is a journey of discovering yourself. As the time passes, you will learn how to love your step child and you will come across a day when you will forget that he/she is your step child. The step child will become your own child.
  • Connect yourself with your step child to that level where they know who they are and what they want in life. If you can build this relationship with your step child, it definitely changes the meaning of being a step parent.

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