Parenting Teen Girls

When it comes to parenting a teenage daughter, it becomes very difficult and challenging for a parent. During this phase, your daughter goes through distinct stages in her life. The changes may be physical, mental or emotional.

In this circumstance, you must become a friend and mentor to your daughter. Being a parent, you must be able to build a bond of trust and comfort between you and daughter. Your daughter can cross all the hurdles in her life if you can provide your daughter with a lot of support and unconditional love.

Many parents tend to compare their child with other children. Each and every child is born unique and they have their own views. So parents should always respect their child’s views. Comparing can never solve your problem. Teenagers need strong guidance from their parents, so that they can make good decisions when they encounter difficult situations.

5 Ways of Parenting Teen Daughters:-

  • Building a rapport between you and your daughter is very essential. At times, let your daughter feels that you are her friend and not a parent. Talk and discuss issues with your daughter freely. Talking freely will fill the generation gap between both of you and soon you will realize that you have become even closer with your daughter.
  • Let your daughter see how much you love her and care for her. Children do make mistakes. But we parents should realize this and forgive them before it is too late. Make your daughter feels that you are concerned about her life. See that you explain your daughter the consequences of doing something wrong. Do not shout or scream.
  • Do not lose your temper where possible. Be cool and calm. Give your teenage daughter sometime to open up, and give your daughter freedom. It is very important to discuss pertinent issues with your daughter. It can be awkward for you, but you have to discuss sex and pressure with your daughter.
  • Do not become overly nosy in your daughter’s day-to-day life. She won’t like every time you interfere in her life. Know what’s going on in her life, but also be flexible and give her space. There is a difference between giving a little bit of freedom and inflicting restriction whenever required.

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