Parenting The Middle Child

As the name suggests, middle child means children who are born second in a family having more than two children. A lot of issues rises when it comes to parenting. However, parents are not only the ones who can change the life of the child. Here, the role of the sibling is also very important.Lack of attention and constant feelings of insecurity is a common problem faced by the middle child. Typically, the first child is the special child and the youngest child gets the most parental attention.  In this situation, the middle children tend to grab attention from their parents using whatever means possible.

Lack of belongingness and a feeling of insecurity is what the middle child often goes through. He/she feels likes a sandwich between the younger and the elder child. And this problem is particularly known as middle child syndrome. Children facing this problem may exhibit low self-esteem. Middle children often feel unwanted and lack self-confidence. All this can affect the child into adulthood.

Being a parent, it becomes very important for us to deal with this situation carefully. The middle child tends to be introverted and shy.   However, the overall personality and behavior of the child can be affected by the parenting style chosen by the parents and how much involvement the parent has in the child’s life.   It is important to be equally involved in all children’s lives, whether they are the oldest, middle, or youngest child.

5 Tips For Parenting The Middle Child:-

  • Make sure that you give equal amount of love,care and support to all your children.
  • See that you discuss and communicate with your child.
  • Let your children know that they are special to you and you love them all equally.
  • There are situations and circumstances where your middle child feels detached and unwanted but that doesn’t mean that you don’t love them. It happens in certain situations. Try to sit with your middle child and talk with him about their feelings.
  • Try to have effective communication between all your children. See that each and every child shares and talks with each other freely.

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