What Are The Three Parenting Styles?

There is no doubt in saying that parenting is hard. At some point of time, parents do struggle in handling certain situations and often feel that they are not being the best parents for their child. You can always improve on your parenting skills by choosing the right parenting style for your child.

Three Parenting Styles:-

Permissive Parenting Style:-

The parents of this style of parenting are overindulgent and very lenient. The children are easily spoiled and get carried away with doing exactly what they want. Unfortunately these parents try to fulfill each and every wish of their children and will even ignore inappropriate behavior of their child.

Authoritative Parenting Style:-

Authoritative parents are those who get involved with their children by sharing their views and discussing with them rules and regulations. Parents who follow this style of parenting are very flexible and want their children to follow rules and regulations. They are supportive and get involved with their children. Children of Authoritative Parents listen to their parents, respect and understand them. This style of parenting, teaches children to take responsibility for their own actions.

Uninvolved Parenting Style:-

As the name says, uninvolved means parents who do not get involved with their children. They do not spend time with their children and often are not bothered with what they are doing and where they are going. In a way they simply neglect their children.. If somewhere you feel you are uninvolved parent, try to change your parenting style by getting involved with your child and spending quality time with your child before it is too late.

Which Is The Best Style Of Parenting?

As we can see from the three different styles of parenting, each parenting style contains its own pros and cons. In society today, everything is becoming so fast and developed, parents should follow the authoritarian style where they involve their child in sharing and discussing their views. Children of parents following an authoritative parenting style become more respectful confident, leaving the parents less stressed. Children ultimately become more responsible and show a high self-esteem.

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