How to do Step Parenting for Teenagers?

Before you take the role on of ‘step parent’, you need to be prepared. We are all aware that parenting is difficult but parenting a teen is even more difficult. When you start step parenting a teen, you will automatically become the bad guy and they will feel that you are out to destroy them.

Do not be surprised if your teenagers scream and yell at you or even call you names.  You need to understand them and their situation. They are going through emotional turmoil and often do not understand why their parents had to break the family circle. Often the children will feel let down by their parents and will be resentful of your presence..

Gradually, you will become part of their family but in the beginning you are a stranger to them. There is no simple solution to the situation but over time you will need to learn how to deal with the trauma and how to overcome the difficulties.

Tips For Step Parenting Teenagers:-

  • Do not try to become their best friend overnight but rather enter your teens life slowly.
  • Listen to your partner first when it comes to parenting your teens.
  • Don’t drop any activities you had before your marriage. Relax and take time to open up in front of your teens.
  • See that you involve yourself in the conversations that interest your teens.
  • Do not speak badly about your spouse and do not complain about your spouse in front of your teens.
  • Be patient, don’t expect miracles overnight but rather give your family a chance to grow
  • Do not speak when you are angry rather keep quiet. Think before you speak, you might say something wrong which can hurt your teens feelings and emotions.
  • Set rules and guidelines for your teens but be flexible in setting rules and regulations.
  • Step parenting is not so simple. Step parents are often criticized because they do not take care of their child, which is not always true.  You need to be very strong and try to overcome these situations one day at a time.

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