How to make Parenting Plans when you are getting Divorce?

A parenting plan becomes very difficult to implement when parents are separating or getting divorced. It becomes critical for the parents to work out who is going to take responsibility for various functions in their new lives. Things that need to be discussed are: who is going to have the children on what days of the week, what to do in certain situations and who is going to pay for certain things. Once you as parents have worked this out, you will need to schedule time to sit and discuss how things are going to work with their children.

Before your child knows that you are getting divorced, you should make the time to discuss what is happening with your child. Divorce is not easy on children and can lead to serious complications when you do not have a parenting plan in place. You may come across problems where you have to change locations, your children’s school or you have to look for a new job. In order for children to overcome the trauma from all of this, it becomes important for both parents to make a parenting plan before getting divorced.

It is very easy to blame your partner, to get frustrated and upset. However, before things fall apart and situations become difficult to handle, it is important that you make your child feel comfortable and secure with you and the divorce.

Tips For How To Prepare Parenting Plan:-

  • Both the parents should discuss about who is going to take care of the responsibilities, decision – making and looking for new arrangements.
  • Your parenting plan should have custody or visitation schedule.
  • Education should be made mention of on the parenting plan.
  • Children’s medical reports should be there
  • Your parenting plan should give the details of the finances
  • It should also contain rules and regulations regarding holidays and special events.
  • You parenting plan should be flexible. The rules mentioned in it should be practical and easily applicable.

Tips For Successful Co-Parenting:-

  • Communicate with each other clearly and effectively.
  • Always show respect to your ex-spouse.
  • Do not discuss private issues in front of your child.
  • Do not grumble, fight and complain about your ex-spouse.
  • Do not use your kids as a messenger
  • See that you child feels secure and protected when he/she is with you.

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  1. These tips are sound, but I have found that the emotional turmoil of a divorce prevents many people from acting logically.

    Several of my friends got divorced in recent years. Unfortunately, in most such cases reason goes out the window and the kids suffer the consequences of the parents’ inability to communicate even on such a crucial issue as the kids’ education.

    How sad!

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