Parenting Advice given to Teenage Drinking

Teenagers pose some of the most difficult problems and challenges that parents have to overcome. During this time their hormones are changing, they feel insecure and physically they are developing. Due to all of these changes, teenagers will start to feel angry, frustrated and irritated. Not knowing how to deal with these changes can lead to teenagers can complicate their lives further by indulging in alcohol, drugs and sexual behavior.

In these situations, parents tend to get angry and frustrated, feeling that their teens do not respond or listen to them. Earlier methods of parenting styles show no effects on the teenagers and parents end up becoming frightened and helpless when they see their children, making the wrong choices.

Areas where teen and parents may get conflict are as follows:-

  • Choice of your teens friends
  • Spending time with peers verses family members
  • Work performance at school.
  • Dating and sexuality
  • Hair style, dressing style and make-up
  • Self destructive behavior such as smoking, drinking and using drugs.

Studies have shown that children who start drinking at a young age may have developmental problems later on in life. To avoid this, parents should be practical and teach their children about the dangers of indulging themselves in drugs and alcohol.

Tips for the Parents to Stop their Teenage from Drinking:-

  • Make sure that you are a role model to your children as your drinking habits do impact ¬†on teenagers. If you do not over indulge in alcohol, your child will follow by your example..
  • Discuss with your child the dangers of consuming alcohol and explain the consequences of having alcohol and drugs. As part of your discussion it is important for your teen share their own views as to why they are participating.
  • If you find your teen has started drinking or smoking, try to find out the reason behind this, before it becomes a habit.. There may be a number of reasons behind it like peer pressure, frustration, bulling at school or a low self-esteem.
  • Let your teen understand that drinking alcohol can make him feel weak in the days thereafter and he will regret his actions.
  • Discuss with your teen the dangers of drinking while driving.
  • No matter how angry or disappointed you are with your teen, it is important to re assure them that you are always there to support them.

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  1. Fine advice!
    I suggest spending fun private time with your teenager too, like going to dinner in a quiet restaurant. Be mostly quiet and listen.

    Jean Tracy, MSS

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