How to be a Good Parent of Twins?

When it comes to parenting twins, there are so many challenges and difficulties which are faced by the parents. Twins are not different, however you will find your patience are tested twice.You will feel that you are living with completely two different personalities. Your twins will test your limits and it will be a big learning curve for you.

As a parent of twins, always keep in mind not to try and make comparisons. It is our duty and responsibility to see that both our twins develop their own independence. Both the twins have their own special attachment with each other. The role which the twins are playing within themselves are very interesting to watch. As a parent, we will observe that they are balancing their relationship. They share their own space.Like other children, they too share their toys, clothes and shoes.

When they are small, they develop their own way of communicating with each other. It has been observed that if one baby babble something,the other baby would walk down to the hall, take the favourite toy and give it to the other baby. It is surprising to know that the twins use the non-verbal language as a secret language between the two of them.

People get amazed by seeing the challenges that parents usually face while raising twins. But raising twins is much easier than raising two kids at different ages. It is super exciting to have twins. But this excitement fades when we face sleepless nights, crying and fighting with our spouse.

5 Top Ways Of Caring Of Twins:-

  • Always make sure that you ask for help whenever you are in a trouble. You can ask your friend, your neighbour or anyone who can help you out in handling your twins.
  • Avoid watching TV. You will save your time. During this time, either you can play with your twins or you can taker rest.
  • Do not go and buy groceries. Let someone help you out in buying groceries. Make sure that you divide the work within your family members. You can also hire a mid. This will keep you free from household work. You can spend much more time with your twins.
  • Give yourself time. Take nap. Go for walk. Meet friends. All this will keep you happy and away from getting frustrated.
  • Make sure that you follow a routine. Everything should be scheduled. Get up, feed them,nap them,get dressed. They will learn and follow the routine. This will make your day smoother.

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