How to make Child Custody Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is a detailed plan which schedules the future care of the children. It usually contains custody agreement form which is being agreed by both the parents.

In more simple words, parenting plan is a part of the paperwork which you need to file with the court, if you have decided to get separated or divorce. It contains detail schedule of when you can meet your children. The court will create a custody and support orders.

A parenting plan also consists of how it will contribute the child’s care,health and education.A parenting plan will have custody and visitation. It will also show who will have the rights and the responsibilities to take decision on behalf of their child. Expenses and support will also be taken care by both the parents.

Parenting plans avoid future conflicts between you and your spouse regarding the rights and responsibilities towards your children.Your future relationship with your child is governed by the parenting plan. So you and your spouse should actively get involved while preparing the parenting plan.

Parenting plans can be structured and flexible. Emphasize on children’s need. Be ready to change your parenting plan according to the situation and circumstances. Parenting plan is very crucial in your child custody case.

5 Top Ways of making best Parenting Plans:-

  • Sit alone. Write down a list of school holidays and vacations. Mention all this in your parenting plan.
  • Sit with your spouse and decide what kind of custody or visitation you want for your child.
  • You can mention on the calender the days when you will meet your child. This will make your work easier.
  • Plan your vacations with your child early. Put the actual time and mention the number of days you will take your child out for vacations.
  • You can also ask your spouse to make a list of provisions or stipulations such as you may want your spouse to get a passport for your child.

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