What are the benefits of Joint Custody Parenting Plans?

Joint custody is also known as sole custody. Joint custody allow parents to make decisions in order to share time with their children after getting divorced. The purpose behind making this parenting plan is to provide children with physical and emotional attachment with their parents. When both parents participate actively in their child’s life, the child will grow emotionally stable.

Joint custody has become the first choice of custody for most of the parents. It gives sole custody of their children to their mothers and visitation rights to their fathers. Now days fathers also play an active role in upbringing their children.

Co-parenting is also another benefit for joint custody. Both the parents should get actively involve with the child. Parents usually do not deny for child custody unless they feel that their parental relationship will negatively affect the child.Cases where the child abuse, neglecting and violence is present, court tends to favour sole custody.

6 Top Ways in which Joint Custody works best:-

  • Parents of the children live in the physical proximity.
  • A civil relationship should be maintained between both the parent.
  • Everything should be planned according to the child’s need.
  • Both the parent should be supportive to each other
  • Parenting plan need to be flexible and get change whenever necessary.
  • There should be enough finance to maintain the two residences.

Disadvantages of Joint Custody:-

  • Moving the children from one place to another.
  • Changing the school of the child and moving on to the new school.
  • Searching for the new job.

However, a fair parenting plan can solve many of the problems.If the parent agrees to extend time period, it can stop the frequency to move on . Thus, it will provide more stability to the children.

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