What are the Strategies used for Good Parenting?

Seeking attention is a very common behavior observed in children. It is very normal and one should not worry about it. Some people will feel that there are no parenting strategies to control this behavior and it all comes out naturally.

Children do what they want to do and they feel good doing it. While others are not very comfortable with their act of doing things.The problems of misbehaving are the same in every children, irrespective of which school your child is going.

Parenting strategies are quite effective and helpful in raising children. It produce energetic, intelligent and positive children. There are many strategies that can assure you effective parenting.

Top 5 Parenting Strategies to deal with Attention Seeking Behavior:-

  • Whether it is positive or negative attention, children will try to get your attention.They will try to do their action again if they are getting any results. By responding to your child’s negative/positive behavior will make him respond it again. Your parenting strategy will be to ignore his negative behavior.
  • Give your child positive attention whenever he shows positive behavior. Encourage your child’s positive behavior. Encouraging positive behavior is an effective parenting strategy.
  • Spend quality time with your child. You can spend time with your child by playing with him.You can also watch TV with him. This will make your child come closer to you. It will also build a bridge of comfort between you and your child. Your parenting strategy should be dedicated time towards your child.
  • Do things which you are able to do. If you say your child that, you will play with him, then play. There is no point in saying something and doing nothing. Depending on the age of your child, your child should learn to show positive behavior.
  • Attention seeking can might be a bigger problem.You can see your family doctor, if you see your child is having serious behavior problems.Get some help from your friend or anyone in the family, if you feel like you are getting stressed. There is no parenting strategy for stress free life

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