Why do Teens Get Depressed?

Whenever people feel sad, it is termed as depression. However, depression is more than a sad feeling. Depression is a medical illness. It is a psychological condition which affects your teens behavior, feelings and thoughts.

Due to depression, teens experiences feeling of sadness,irritability and lack of energy. Thoughts such as hopelessness and worthlessness will come across their mind. They will feel that life is not worth living.

Depression not only affects emotionally but it also affects physically. You will observe that your teen is suffering from stomach pain. He will also experience headache and pain in the specific areas in the whole body.

Symptoms of Teen Depression:-

A lot of questions are being faced by an adolescent related to puberty and also about their identity. Teen starts to assert their independence which can bring conflict between a parent and a child.

Teens who are depressed generally do not look sad nor they show withdrawal symptoms. Following are the symptoms of the depressed teenager:-

  • Feeling of sadness and irritability
  • Withdrawal from parents and friends
  • Feeling of restlessness and anger
  • A change will come in eating and sleeping habits.
  • You will find that your teen is losing interest in extra curriculum activities.
  • Will find difficulty in concentrating
  • Feeling of fatigue.

Treatment for Depressed Teen:-

  • Including medication and psychotherapy, there are variety of methods to treat depressed teen. If family conflict is the reason behind the teens depression, then family therapy is the best therapy that can be given. A teen may require hospitalization under psychiatric unit in severe depressed cases.
  • Antidepressant medication Prozac can be given to the depressed teen. Even cognitive behavioral therapy can help the teen to recognize and change his negative ways of thinking.

Tips for Talking to a Depressed Teen:-

  • You must assure the depressed teen that you are always there to support them.Do not ask a lot of questions to them. But make them sure that you are going to help them and provide them support whenever needed.
  • Empathize with your teen. Talking with the depressed teen can be very tough. Do not lose your patience. Show respect and willingness to listen to their problems.
  • Do not lecture them instead listen to their problems patiently. Do not interrupt in between.Do not criticize. Here the important thing for you is that your teen is communicating with you.
  • Understand their emotions. Whatever they say listen to them seriously. Even if you feel that they are talking irrational, try to listen to them. Try to acknowledge their pain.

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