Parenting Tips For Raising Successful Teens

A lot of challenges and joy parents come across while parenting teens. While parenting teens, parents should keep their focus on positive side of parenting. Focusing will help the parents to feel more competent and enjoy the ups and downs which come across in the teens life. Parents should not over emphasize the negatives and annoyances of their teens.

Teenagers undergo through hormonal changes and parents fail to understand their feelings and emotions. Due to this, teenagers get confused while facing complicated issues such as peer pressure, their own identity, drugs and sexual behavior. They tend to feel alone, frustrated and irritated.

Despite of number of warnings given to the teenager, still their family faces many problems and difficulties. Sometimes they even seek help from outsiders. Teenager get involved in drugs,violence and aggressive behavior. In this situation, if a parent will hit their child, in order to maintain discipline, it will give rise to the feeling of rebellions in the teenager.

Many parents think that their teen is a closed book.They feel that it is impossible to get their teen open up and talk about their lives. Knowing your teen and talking about his likes/dislikes will help your teen to be away from danger. Do not spy and snoop around your teens. It is not the right way to get the information. It will make your teen upset.

5 Tips to get your Teen to Open Up:-

  • Make sure that you always maintain healthy relationship with your teen. You may find your teen will become friendly to you at certain age.
  • Try to find out about the common things that interests you both. It will be easy for both of you to talk about those things.In this way you can ask your teen about his favorite movie/band’s new album instead of asking him about how was your day in school?
  • Do not be judgmental. Let your teen share their own views. Don’t be surprised if they say something which you don’t like. Let them express their views. Listen to them patiently.
  • Spend quality time with your teen. Let your teen know that you love them very much. Play with them. Invite their friends at home. Do not be nosy. Give your teen freedom.
  • Initially your teen will be reluctant in talking to you. But you keep trying. Gradually you will break the wall in between and eventually they will spend time with you and look forward to talk with you.

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