How to deal with Adolescent Peer Pressure?

Peer’s play a larger part in the life of an adolescents. The place of the family completely vanishes when the teens peer become the center of leisure activities. Adolescents liked to spend time with their peer because they feel that they fit in it and feel connected. During this age they become curious to try new things that others are doing it.

It is a phase of life where the adolescent want themselves to get tattooed and body piercing without realizing its effects on their lives. The effects can be negative on their lives if they are getting themselves indulge in drugs,tobacco and alcohol.

As mentioned earlier, that adolescent love to spend more time with their friends than compared to their family members.Parents should remember that adolescent can also influence positive effects on youth. Adolescents can also become role models if they show positive behavior.

The views of teenagers should be encouraged by teachers, friends and family members. It is an age where the adolescent will search his own identity. At this age, a teenager would love to take risk in his life.They will try to become more independent.This sometimes make them addicted to drugs,alcohol and sexual activity. This happens especially when they are under peer pressure

Thus, parents,teachers and leaders should promote positive peer pressure among teens.Parents should not feel that adolescents do not value their opinions. But in reality parents get influenced by their teens. Parents should not feel helpless if they ever come across their adolescents with negative effects of peer pressure.

Ways of Handling Peer Pressure In Adolescents:-

  • Make sure that you establish clear and good communication with your adolescents.
  • Encourage strong self-esteem within your adolescents
  • Do not criticize your teenager
  • Make sure that you monitor your teens activities
  • Talk openly with your teens regarding sex,drugs and alcohol
  • Always try to get involved with your adolescents
  • Talk to your teens and let them express their views

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