Tips for Parenting a Troubled Teen

Teens who are having problems that are causing negative behavior to them is termed as troubled teen. These problems continue to affect them which will stop them to develop into a successful adult.

The problems that the teens are facing are beyond the normal issues. The problems might be related to environment, peer pressure and abusive relationship. These problems can give rise to mental and physical issues in the teens.

Analyze carefully the behavior of the troubled teen. Understand what is happening to the teen before and after the behavior. Once you understand the bad behavior, you can target on undesirable behavior of the teen.

Many times you will find that your teen won’t follow any rule and end up with what they wanted to have. That is why it is important to understand the reason behind the behavior of the troubled teen. Once you are able to understand the reason you can use the specific technique to treat your troubled teen. Behavior modification is the effective technique used for the troubled teen.

Signs of Troubled Teens:-

If you observe that your teen is showing the following signs frequently, it means that you are dealing with a troubled teen. Below are the signs given:-

  • You will find that your teen’s grade is falling down.
  • You will observe that your teen’s mood swings easily.
  • Your teen will feel intense sad
  • Your teen will avoid positive friendship
  • You will find that your teen has become secretive
  • You will find that your teen’s attitude has become defiant
  • You will see your teen has become rebellion
  • Your teen will find humor when others are distress
  • You will observe that your teen spend a lot of time in sleeping

4 Ways to deal with Troubled Teens:-

  • Be a supportive parent. Assure your teen that you love him very much. Always be there with your teen whenever he needs you.
  • Praise your teen whenever he shows positive behavior. You can also give reward to your teen.
  • Set rules for your teens. Give punishment whenever you find that your teen has break the rule. Make rules which are real and practically applicable
  • Do not argue with your troubled teen. If you find that your teen is arguing with you, ignore his behavior. Be firm at the same time flexible whenever required.

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