Teaching your Children to Clean their Room

Encouraging your child in keeping their room clean is a difficult job. Children who keep their room clean, have a clean heart and they are disciplined. By keeping their room clean, children automatically loves to appreciate their surroundings. Thus, it becomes important for the parents to encourage their children to keep their room clean.

Being a parent, we should know that each child is different and what works with one child does not work with the other child. Some children will take a lot of time to learn to keep their rooms clean and some will learn quickly. There are several ways in which a parent can teach their children how to keep their room clean.

6 Ways to Teach Your Child to Keep their Room Clean:-

  • In order to eliminate boredom while cleaning the room, allow your children to listen songs on i pod or music systems. Your child will enjoy cleaning the room with more interest
  • Ask your child to sort out the things. Ask them to keep their toys at one place, their books on other place and all their clothes in the closet and so on. Let your child know that they should organize each and everything systematically
  • Make sure that you teach your child to put dirty clothes in the laundry bags and clean clothes in the closet. All unwanted papers should be thrown in the dustbin. Your child must be aware of what are the things you want your child to do
  • Teach your child how to clean their bed. Teach them to change the bed sheet once in a week. Also pillow should be tucked neatly in pillow cases
  • Make your child learn how to dust the furniture. Show to your child once how to dust and later on ask your child to do it.
  • Teach your child how to vacuum the floor thoroughly. Reward them when they have finished cleaning their room completely.

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