When should your Teenage Drive?

Each and every parents worries and wonder about when their teen should start driving. In many areas, the legal age of driving is 15 1/2 years. Temporary driving is permitted to the teenagers at this age. Your teenager must be 16 years old in order to acquire driving license. It has been observed that teenagers are not able to drive smoothly on the highways compared to the experienced drivers.

There are several ways by which parents can check whether their teen is ready to drive or not. Check each and every concerned area before letting your teen to drive. Sending an unprepared driver can lead to a tragic accident.

Tips for New Teen Drivers:-

  • Your teenage must know how to pump the gas.
  • They must be aware of how to check and add oil
  • Teens must be aware of the location of spare,jack and wrench
  • Your teen must know how to change the tyre
  • Your teen should learn how to jump start the car.
  • Teens must practice left hand turns and three point turns

Ways to Set Limits on Teenage Driving:-

  • Make sure that your teenage is aware of all the driving rules and regulations.
  • Let your teen know that it is good to have insurance policy of his own
  • Talk to your child and discuss about who is going to pay the insurance policy money
  • Maintain gas limits on the car of your teenager
  • Let your teen know where your teen can drive and also at what times
  • Talk to your teen about driving in the night
  • Discuss with your child about the consequences of the misbehavior.

However, it is a difficult decision for the parents to let their teenage allow driving.It takes a tremendous amount of maturity to drive safely and handle the vehicle. Due to carelessness, many teens are killed.Allow your teen to drive when you think that are capable and mature enough to handle the vehicle.

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