How to Talk to your teen about Teenage Pregnancy?

Talking with your teen about pregnancy is the most difficult job. It is more difficult then talking with your teen about puberty and sex. It becomes very important for the teens to know the family moral values. Being a parent, you should always make your teen realize that you are always there to support them

Be very clear with your attitudes and thoughts while you are talking with your teenage about pregnancy. Discuss and talk with your teen, about how she feels like. Share with her ideas and views.

While interacting with your teen you can also bring society’s issues. Avoid doing debate with your child. They are still on the developing stage and they need to think about the things that they are going through. Using modeling behavior help your teen to understand better.

Becoming a teen parent is very hard and challenging. It is difficult to even imagine having a child. You can share the consequences of having a baby when they are teens. Let your teens be aware of the that being pregnant can affect their future. Encourage your teen to have open, honest and friendly communication.

Tips on Preventing Teen Pregnancy:-

  • Being a parent, make sure that you always discourage early dating. Instead, you should encourage group activities and friendship. Teens tend to have girl friend and boyfriend because they get bored easily.
  • Discuss with your teen about the moral values ,sex and contraception. Teens get influenced by what you do. So, be a good role model
  • Help your teen to dream about attractive future. Assure your teen that they are capable of doing whatever they want to do. Let your teen know that you are always there to support them.
  • Your teen must be prepared, whether they are having sex or not. Your teen must know how to avoid pregnancy.
  • Set limits and rules for your teens

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