Steps to Step Parent Adoption

There are certain steps that goes for step parent adoption. So, if you are one and want to adopt your step child then these are some of the rules you need to follow.

Steps to Step Parent Adoption

Consult with an adoption attorney

First and foremost, you need to consult an adoption attorney, as the procedure varies from state to state. So, it’s very important to consult one of your state’s attorneys to get all your state’s adoption procedures and rules.

Consent to adoption

You must also find out the definition of consent to adoption given by your state. Consent is a very important thing for an adoption to be held. Usually one need to have a consent from both the birth parents for a step parent adoption, now it can vary from state to state. Other consent which need to be taken is from the child. One need to discuss about it with the child, if he is old enough to understand the situation.

Contact the relevant court in your state

You should contact the court which deals with adoptions in the state. Ask for all the procedures and steps which involve in step parent adoptions.

Submit all the legal forms

If you are hiring an attorney then he/she will do ir for you.

Wait for the notification of the court date

You need to wait for the notification to arrive through a letter or through your attorney. And you must attend the hearing.

The hearing

It is your attorney who will prepare you for the hearing, as the judge will be asking questions to the parties who are involved.

Finalize the Adoption

During hearing adoption certificates are issued.

Apply for the amended birth certificates

Finally apply for the amended birth certificates.

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