Children Learning to Speak

Children actually learn to say words by listening and observing people’s actions and words. They speak and express what they see, feel, hear, and think as they make mental, emotional, and behavioural leaps. Research indicate that before babies utter their first words, they observe and learn how to use language to communicate.

When talking develops.

During the first 2 years your baby learns to talk. Your baby starts using their lips, tongue, palate and those emerging teeth to make sounds. Soon after these, they start saying words like mama and dada as early as 4-5 months. From then onwards your baby speaks more words which she learns from you and everyone around them. They’ll start forming two to three word sentences between 1 and 2 years.

How talking develops.

Your baby’s cry at birth is their first introduction into the world of language. They are expressing the shock of being out of the womb to an unfamiliar and new place. From then, they starts absorbing sounds, words and tones which they use later to speak.

Talking is completely associated with hearing. Your baby learns by listening how others speak and how they frame the sentences. Research believe that the baby learns to understand the language while they are in the womb. As the unborn baby has got used to your steady heart beat, they also tuned into your voice. As days after their birth they are able to differentiated your voice from others.

From one to three months.

Your baby starts communicating by crying. A whimpering, faltering cry may mean they may need the nappy change, while an intense cry may mean they are feeling hungry. As they grow old, they seem to be a mini sound factory with a collection of sighs, coos and gurgles. Linguists say they distinguish similar syllables like ma and na as young as four weeks.

After four months.

During this stage, babies start using their teeth, tongue, vocal chords and palate to make some noises. Your baby starts babbling, combining vowels and consonants. In any language babbling sounds same, and as they like the way it sounds and the feeling thus they repeat that several times.

From six to twenty four months.

From 6 to 9 months when they babble they sound more comprehensible as they start using voice modulations similar to yours. From 12 to 17 they start using words to communicate and realises the importance of it.

From 18 to 24 months.

From 18 to 24 months they start learning 10 or more words a day or a one word for every 90 minutes.

After 2 years.

At 2 years they start using 3 word sentences and also sing simple tunes. Their sense of themselves will mature and they start talking about themselves like what they want. At 25 to 36 your child may face problems while saying a sentence but they soon learn it. As your child turns three they will be fluent to talk when anyone ask them their name, age and their parents name.

As they grows older they become more vocal. They start talking about their friends, play school teachers and their activities of all the day.

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