Common Sense Parenting

Most first-time mothers don’t have any problem while dealing with their newborns. For them to be a parent may seem to be very easy, they could do all the things easily without attending any of the common sense parenting programs. These parents are able to deal with their child from the time they are born by breastfeeding and interpreting their cries and are very confident.

However, there are many parents who struggle while dealing with their newborns. But this does not mean that they are bad as parents. They just need to hone their parenting skills. They can get more tips from other parents and can learn the most effective parenting techniques.

Common sense parenting (CSP) is a practical method of learning parenting process which is advised by most experts. It is based on daily skills, and you learn by applying it to different situations dealing your child. It includes easy-to-learn techniques, logical strategies that talks on issues like self-control, discipline, decision-making, family relationships, communication and education.

Common sense parenting technique suggests some goals which combine:

  1. Development of the conceptual framework

    . To understand the behavior of the family members or relationship and to communicate well with them.

  2. Development of the learned parental responses

    . To make parents understand that their reactions influence the child’s behavior.

  3. Development of the common sense reactions

    . To improve your child’s behavior you need to be more calm and make him learn from his mistakes.

  4. Development of the practical tools

    . To make your child learn.

  5. Development of the skills

    . It is important to encourage your child for their talent and reward them for their skills.

  6. Develop a positive approach

    . To make your child understand how a negative thing harms them instead of punishing.

  7. Incorporate a lesson for the each unwanted behavior

    . By telling stories you can make them understand how a wrong path spoils their life and how to follow a good path.

By following common sense parenting method, a parent can be more efficient and loving to their child. If parents involve their children in their family goals then that family may lead a happy life.

Common sense parenting is accustomed to schools, communities, and organizations. It could be a stress-relieving factor by helping the parents to improve their parenting skills. Continue to improve your parenting skills to deal with your child and improve their behavior.

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