Accreditation for Childcare Services

Wish to start child care quality assurance services? Waiting for the information regarding Accreditation Process? Then this is the process of Accreditation of Childcare from the National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC). To start a new CCQA service you can follow the five step process.

Step 1 : Registration.

  • If you wish to start a new service for the child care quality assurance then register with NCAC for the appropriate type of the service.
  • While registering for the service you need to fill the details correctly.
  • The New Service Registration Form and the non refundable fee for registration must be submitted.
  • Then NCAC provides you the registration receipt and the service with the registration certificate.
  • You need to submit the registration receipt and the application of child care benefit to the territory office of DEEWR or to the state.
  • The NCAC provides a registration kit for the services registering for the first time.

Step 2 : Self-study and Continuing Improvement.

  • Child care Quality Assurance (CCQA) needs the service to make a self-estimation of the practices on a regular basis.
  • During this process, the service accounts for the quality of the practices against the standard of Quality Practices Guide.
  • As a part of this process, the service management or the staff maintains a record of the quality practices. It includes the quality improvement practices, events, activities, child care and professional development addressed by staff.
  • At intervals of 2.5 years, the Accredited services self-study reports are needed to be submitted to NCAC.

Step 3 : Validation.

  • Child Care Quality Assurance Process is checked by validators. But the accreditation decision is not made by them.
  • NCAC selects and trains the Validators to visit and address the validation of child care services.
  • The role of these validators is to ask questions and gather information, to observe practices, view documentation and to make a validation report.
  • Thus it makes possible for them to compare the validation report with the standard of Quality Practices Guide for every Child Care Quality Assurance Service.

While NCAC will receive the Self-study Report,validation surveys are sent to the services. The staff and the children need to complete it and submit it with in the due date to the NCAC.

Step 4 : Moderation.

  • Moderation process ensures that all the participants in Child Care Quality Assurance (CCQA) services are treated equally and consistently.
  • Moderators evaluates the CCQA services quality based on the information provide by the Self-study Report of the services, Validation Surveys and Reports and also from the Validation Evaluation Form.
  • Moderators rate the services by looking at the quality care, practices and principles of the CCQA programs.
  • The Composite Quality Profile is gathered from the above information along with the Moderation Ratings..
  • The profile shows standards like- High Quality, Good Quality, Satisfactory, and Unsatisfactory for the CCQA services.
  • It also writes on the Continuing Improvement Guide for the services.

Step 5 : Accreditation Decision.

  • The service needs to have a rating of satisfactory or higher on the Composite Quality Profile to be Accredited.
  • NCAC assures that the Accreditation Decision Information is written and given by post only to the specified and authorised service representatives.
  • The services are provided with a Quality Profile which includes the quality standard and the names of the staff participating in the CCQA services.
  • The Accredited services should display the Accreditation Certification, Quality Profile Certificate.
  • It need to continue the Self-study and Continuing Improvement process, until the next Self-study Report is ready for submission for every 2.5 years.
  • If the services are below the standards of Accreditation then they need to submit the Self-Study Report after six months from the date of the Accreditation Decision.
  • The CCQA services contact details and their Accreditation status are maintained by NCAC.

The services who are interested to join CCQA are guided to check out the Quality Companions and Support Documents for their service type. It helps you by providing information about the 5 steps of CCQA process. It gives you the information about the Accreditation Decision and also the technical information about the process.

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